Intersection is a contemporary music ensemble founded by Kelly Corcoran, who conducts the ensemble.  Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the group strives to educate and challenge audiences as to what a classical music experience can be.  It is especially notable that this contemporary musical ensemble specifically strives to engage with young audiences, introducing contemporary music in a way that is engaging, accessible, and will help build an audience for generations to come!

We are thrilled to have awarded Intersection with a Performance Grant for their coming concert, titled Dragon Harmony.  The program, which will be heard February 11 and 12, will feature works by several contemporary Chinese and Chinese American composers, including a new commission by Wu Fei titled If I was a Batman Queen.

Also included is Chen Yi’s Wu Yu – which you hear a piece of below:


As we highlight the importance of diversity throughout the arts, and all that we do, this is a fantastic event that exemplifies these ideals.  Both Wu Fei and Chen Yi will be present to interact with musicians and audience members at the concert, and educational outreach efforts include opportunities for students who perform on traditional Chinese instruments.  Find out more information, and purchase tickets, here.