Additional materials for Class, 2-12-2018

The ‘Manly’ Jobs Problem   

By SUSAN CHIRA  —  FEB. 8, 2018 (The New York Times)

…  What if the problem is the very way society has come to see the jobs themselves? Some jobs are “male” — not just men’s work, but also a core definition of masculinity itself. Threatening that status quo is not just uppity — it can be dangerous.


[According to Alice Kessler-Harris, a professor emerita of history at Columbia University] “I don’t think you can understand this notion of sexual harassment and men’s anger with women, their willingness to take out on them all this sexual hostility, unless you imagine that sense of entitlement in the job.”

[Abigail Saguy, professor of sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles] said that employers played on this sense, that manliness was intertwined with such jobs. “Even if they have to tolerate bad working conditions, the compensation is they were real men,” she said. “Then women were moving into these occupations, so what does that mean? If women can do the job, maybe it’s not so masculine after all.”


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